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Plant Protection Department was founded in Atabey District of Isparta province in 2000. Then, the department moved to the main campus of the SDU in Çünür in 2001. The department conducts research on pests and diseases of different crops, biology and ecology of these pests and diseases, host plant-parasite interactions, pesticides and their adverse effects on the environment, mechanical, cultural, physical, biological and chemical control methods, molecular biology and biotechnology of crops and educate students for to work on these areas.Plant Protection Department has two major divisions namely; entomology and phytopathology. Laboratory research is conducted in Entomology, Fitopathology, Nemotodology, Biological control, Tissue culture, and molecular biology laborotories . Field studies are carried out in the Research and Application farms located in east campus of the University and in Kuleönü. Department of Plant Protection offers undergraduate and graduate courses for detection, identification and control of diseases, pests, and weeds causing economical yield losses on variety crop plants and agricultural biotechnology and molecular biology.




Süleyman Demirel University

Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Plant Protection

Phone  : +90 246 211 48 47

Fax : +90 246 211 48 85

Email: bitkikoruma@sdu.edu.tr