21 Ağustos 2018 Salı

General Informatıon

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 Agricultural Machinery within Faculty of Agriculture is a department which gives 4 years formal education. The students are educated at the area of Agriculture, Engineering, Agricultural Machinery, and Energy Use in Agriculture. 

Agricultural Mechanization Department; Education and research related to agricultural machinery and use of energy in agriculture are the main subject of interests of the department. The department aims to provide high quality education in the field of agricultural mechanization to both undergraduate and graduate level. Research is focused on energy and energy requirements of the modern agricultural and industrial complexes, bioenergy, water pumps, recycling of agricultural wastes, agricultural electrification, greenhouse mechanization techniques, agricultural tractors, internal combustion engines, cultivating mechanization, sowing, planting and fertilization machines, mechanization of harvesting and threshing processes, management and planning of agricultural mechanization, mechanization of animal production systems.