Department of Horticulture is among preferred departments  of Faculty of Agriculture of Isparta University of Applied Sciences. The department has given undergraduate and master education since 1993 and doctoral education since 2004.

Department of Horticulture consists of four different discipline;

  • Vineyard cultivation and breeding,
  • Fruit cultivation and breeding,
  • Vegetable cultivation and breeding,
  • Postharvest physiology of horticultural crops,
  • Ornamental plant cultivation and breeding.

The department purposes growing - presenting -  of horticultural products, determining the problems encountered of all stages (as harvest, storage, marketing etc...) from producers to consumers and generating solutions these problems and conducts studies in these respects. Likewise it is is closely involved with growing and storing of products important for Isparta such as apple, cherry, fresh and industrial tomato and carnation.

In the department education and research activities are carried out about topics about production, breeding, genetik, physiology, post-harvest physiology and storage of cut flowers, seedlings, fruits, vegetables and vine crops.

In the department;

·         7  professors

·         2 associate professors

·         2 assistant proffesors

·         2 research assistants work.