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2019/2020 Education and Training Period Agricultural Economics Department Master's and PhD Students

  Master                  Ph.D.               
Continuing Student 28 9
Graduated 20 1

Department of Agricultural Economics

To respond to the requests of Agricultural Engineers Master and Doctorate who completed their undergraduate education,
To be able to specialize in the fields of Agricultural Economics of Agricultural Engineering by providing Research Assistants working in the department with the opportunity to do Master and Doctorate in their own fields,
To further develop the existing research and application infrastructure in the Department of Science, to conduct scientific research within the scope of Master's and Doctorate thesis studies by using the facilities of the department, to present the results of these studies to the knowledge and benefit of the agricultural sector through national and international publications,
To contribute to the solution of the problems related to the Agricultural Economy in Isparta and its vicinity within the scope of Master's and Doctorate studies.