22 Kasım 2019 Cuma

Biotechnology, which is rapidly developed and extensively applied in many areas, is a multi-disciplined science as the combination of genetic, molecular biology, cell biology and other some sciences.  It is mainly used to modify and improve plants, animals and microorganisms to enhance their value.  Agricultural biotechnology is the area of biotechnology involving application to agriculture, especially on plant and animal production.   The main goal of an agriculture faculty is to consider the most sophisticated methods adopted in agriculture area and to transfer scientific clues to the production sectors.  Use of biotechnological techniques can provide most rational solutions, which are absolutely impossible by conventional techniques.


In the developed countries,   most effective results on agricultural production have been obtained on basis of multi-disciplined studies.  Therefore, the cooperation of fundamental sciences such as biology, chemistry, etc. and the agricultural area introduces most rational results.  In agricultural biotechnology department, the study area mainly involves plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, and enzyme and microbiological biotechnology as based on principles of the molecular biology, genetic engineering, genomic, proteomic, molecular improvement, genetic transformation.